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Discounted Plotter Pens
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Discounted Plotter Pens

Disposable Plotter Pens for most all major brands of pen plotters including HP, Houston Instruments, Cal Comp, and Ioline.

Discounted Plotter Pens

Name Photo Description Item No.
Cal Comp Plotter Pen Koh-I-Noor brand liquid ink disposable plotter pen for the Cal Comp plotter. Call for colors and sizes available. Internet special only $3.00 per pen!64NDC
HP Dispsable Plotter Pen Koh-I-Noor liquid ink disposable plotter pen. Limited sizes and colors available. Only $6.99 per pen.64NDH
$6.99 Ea.
Koh-I-Noor Dispos. plotter pens S Style Disposable S Style liquid ink plotter pens for the HP 7475 plotter. Limited colors and size available. Internet special only $5.99 ea.64NDS
$5.99 Ea.
Koh-I-Noor H.I. Plotter Pens Disposable liquid ink plotter pens for the Houston Instruments plotter. Regular price $11.95 Internet price each....$6.99. Limited sizes and colors available.64NDK
$6.99 ea.
Zeta Plotter Pens Koh-I-Noor Brand disposable plotter pens for the Zeta Pen Plotter. Call for color and sizes available. Limited to stock on hand. internet special $4.99 ea.64NDZ
$4.99 Ea.

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